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Heroes of Tyria fan site is live!

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Dear reader,

I am happy to announce that the Heroes of Tyria fan site is live. It is already live for some days, but because of school i had to prioritise things.The website is with the mindset "by the community, for the community". Its a bit barebone at the moment, but more things will be added in time.

The website is mainly intended to be a platform for the comic like stories im making. Besides that it also going to contain videos related to guild wars 2, a blog and several other things that i will reveal in the future.

With the website we also have launched a facebook page, so you will get notified about website updates and other things in a easy way.

The website can be found on: www.heroesoftyria.comThe facebook page can be found on: www.facebook.com/HeroesofTyria/

Currently im working on the 2nd "comic". it will be bigger and better then the one that is already on the website. first one was more of a try-out. I really cant wait to finish the 2nd comic and give you guys some more guild wars 2 reading content.

See you ingame!Drakossus

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