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Constant Harassment From Mastery Popup After Hitting Level 80

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I recently came back to the game and purchased all expansion/season content available.

Now that I've hit level 80 on my main character, I keep getting this annoying popup at the bottom left of my screen whenever I engage in combat: https://i.imgur.com/d8AT7X6.jpg

However, there's no way I can stop the popup myself, because I've not yet unlocked Mastery, and I don't intend to do the content needed to unlock it at the moment, as I've not yet even explored all the dungeons from Vanilla GW2.

This isn't so much a bug as incorrect UX design, and I was told in a reply to my support ticket to post it on the forums.

This is a pretty huge oversight though. Is there any chance it can be escalated and dealt with in a hotfix?

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I think the reason that you keep getting that reminder was due to fact that the masteries was a new addition when HoT came out so a lot of people would not have been aware of fact that they could now spend the xp rather than it just sitting there. Do agree there should have been some way of disabling or noting you are aware of it and can it now stop. Usual way of switching it off is to go into the mastery and select one of the Core masteries. Note this does not spend the xp or activate the mastery in any way - just says this is one you like it to add to. You can then ignore it until you have mastery points you like to actually spend on it.

Hope that all makes sense.

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