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[EU][PvE] Technically Challenged [TC] - Help For Newer Players - Casual

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Technically Challenged is currently comprised of Me and one of my friends.While we were levelling, we mostly ignored content that required a party of 5 or more players as there often weren't enough people queuing to run it.Many hours into the game, we have also ran into situations (like most people do) where we had discovered that there were things we were either ignoring or not doing very well.This guild has been set up to help newer players get into the game, as well as allowing people run group content together in a casual environment.Since both me and my friend have reached level 80 and don't really have any specific goals in mind, we are willing to help with all PvE content whenever we are on.At the end of the day we're looking for people who are new to Guild Wars, or have only just reached level 80, so we can have a larger group of people to play the game with and provide help when we can.

  • We only speak English
  • We play most days in the evening but sometimes during the day too
  • Server doesn't matter but we're on the EU megaserver
  • We have a Discord server setup so feel free to drop by https://discord.gg/jh4PWDY
  • We're not looking to do high level fractals and such but instead we're focused on having fun and making sure people can enjoy group content
  • Anyone welcome just don't expect us to play hardcore
  • For an invite whisper [mattymoto.1426] and [Tyfuzzle.1869] in-game or ask in the Discord Server

Looking forward to having new members and hope to see you soon.

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