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LF Guild [NA] PvE or PvP No Rep Requirement Lost Precipice/Gilded Hollow

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I'm looking for a guild that can offer more of a PvE and PvP community than my current WvW guild. I would prefer there be no rep requirements, but I will certainly rep during guild events. I currently have access to the Windswept Haven Hall, therefore I am looking for a guild with an upgraded Lost Precipice/Gilded Hollow.

For PvE content I'm willing to do anything (raid, dungeons, fractals, open world, story, etc.) as long as everyone is friendly. I'm also willing to run guild missions.For PvP I play a bit more competitively so any guild that can offer people willing to duo for ranked, or a guild team for tournaments would be preferable.

I'm primarily looking for the guild hall, so if the guild can't provide everything I'm looking for that's fine. I try to stay active, logging in once a day, and I play mainly from 6:00pm - 10:00pm MST (Mountain).

If you looking for an active PvXer to grow your guild, and you have the guild hall I'm looking for then send a message, or invite to Zex Anthon.8673

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