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[EU] LF daily fractal T4 and CM's clears

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I'm searching for a guild that clears CM's and T4's daily or will even create a static group. To be honest, I don't care about the meta* and just want to get them done without any major hiccups. I expect people to know what they are doing**(at boss encounters) and same goes for me. I like learning and helping if I can, but can't tolerate smartasses that think they know everything and don't listen to anyone. My main is a thief and if you think you will force me to play any other profession, you are wrong. I don't have time to play multiple characters nor do i want to, but in time of need i can play a druid and a tempest to some extent. My pref time window to do this would be from 17:00(5PM) to 19:00(7PM) server time, on saturdays I'm mostly absent.

If you think we could do this togather , send me an in-game mail or leave a reply here.

/* While i support all creativity you put in your build there is a line when the build is just not doing anything even close to be decent/ ** I don't care about perfect rotations, optimal dps, etc. but more about understanding the flow of the fight

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