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[EU] LF Low Man Group

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I´m looking for a guild/a bunch of people that is very active in Low Mans to expand my Low Man experience and improve my level of play. My Low Man experience so far includes 4 Man VG, 6 Man Gorse, 6 Man Sabetha, 5 Man Matthias, 4 Man Cairn, 5 Man Mursaat, 5 Man Samarog and 7 Man Desmina. I mainly play Chronomancer, but I also play Holosmith, Mirage, Renegade, BS, Scourge, Core Warrior, Druid (Heal/Condi) and Weaver (in order of preference, fk Weaver). I look to do Low Mans a couple of times a week. I do NOT look for a sell guild.

Contact me ingame or on Discord Max (Ayra/Shiva)#9139

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