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[EU] [sV] non-TS guild is recruiting !


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Hello there, we are silent voices [sV] a fairly small friendly non-TS guild. And yes, we also are not using discord, skype or any other voice chat programme. We prefer to stay active via guild chat only. So we do everything without any voice chat programme. No matter if you are hearing impaired, shy, anxious to talk, overly sensitive to hearing etc., or you just don't want to talk via voice chat, this is the right place for you.We welcome everyone :) we don't care if you're new or a veteran :)What we have to offer :

  • no voice chat !
  • a lvl 35 guild hall (lost precipice
  • fractals
  • dungeons (if they are needed)
  • help whenever it's needed
  • a friendly and helpful environment

We are currently discussing if we are going to try raids. So if you are joining it would be awesome to get your opinion on that (do you want to? and what day? etc) :) every voice matters !

What do we expect from you?

  • being rather active
  • be friendly (we do not appreciate toxic elitists)
  • be patient with newbies :) (we all started somewhere)
  • donations to the guild hall are highly appreciated
  • if you leave the game for more than 2 months, please inform us, so you won't get removed !
  • last but not least : if you want to organize a guild event (world boss, meta event, whatever comes to your mind) please PLEASE feel free to do so :)

We set a member limit for the guild to keep it rather small (100 members at max). If you are interested or got questions please let us know ingame via whisper or pm :)Leader : Kaori Shiina / Glael.7643Officers: - Ashra Relis

  • Liegnitz
  • Rividum

Hope to see you ingame :)

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