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Suggestion: Preview windows to follow current look

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Can preview windows be made to universally follow your current displayed look:

  • hat vs no hat
  • outfit vs armor

i find it annoying when trying to preview the following:

  • viewing outfits in the gem shop, but the hats are always shown (99% of hats are ugly. or i am hat-phobic. when i see the hat, it really distracts me from the main part)
  • changing backpack skin when char is using an outfit (as far as i can tell, you auto-default to viewing ur armor+backpack, even if you are displaying an outfit)

of cos, best would be to make the toggle in the preview window itself. but current displayed look would be fine

also, is there any setting that allows us to toggle high quality for our own char, and medium/low for others? i asked in-game but the folks in the same map at that time said no

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