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Night of Fires Crashing.

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I go through the entire mission, and kill the big boss at the end only for the game to time out for a few seconds and then boot me back to the lobby screen. Of course this is not my connection done the entire mission 3 times for it to time out exactly when I kill the boss. Luckily I have done the mission on another character but imagine a new play wanting to experience the story for the first time and they run into this. Please sort it out.

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Update: It's not just PoF Missions. It's Living Story Missions, Heart of Thorns, Everything. Same thing, doing the last mission and then I'm sitting there waiting for my reward and then boom. The client times out and kicks back to login screen. I have searched for a fix, there isn't any. and many people have been having the same issue. Anyone experiencing this or have a fix? I am so close to just uninstalling. Really is pathetic for such a good game.

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