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[NA][PvX][ZOM] EXP & Raid Training


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Zaishen Order of Misfits [ZOM] is a 18+ Hardcore PvX Guild with a focus on Raids.

RAID TRAINING - We offer Raid training for players who not only want to improve their rotations and mechanics of the various Raid Wings, but also enjoy themselves while learning in a productive Environment. All new raiders will be required to do a small DPS test on a golem to showcase that they understand atleast the basic of their class. Support Classes are tested under similar environment but with different criteria.
EXP RUNS - This is for players who are already proficient in their class and general knowledge of the various Raid Wings with experiences/kills in those wings. Our EXP runs includes Quick clears, Wing 5 runs and upcoming CM runs. EXP Raiders must reach a certain level of DPS benchmarks on a Golem and participate on raid training days to progress into our EXP raids.Raid Schedule-Tuesdays 8pm EST- EXP Quick Clears (3 wings)-Saturdays 8pm EST- EXP WIng 5 Progression

-Thursdays 8pm EST- Raid Training ( 1-2 wings)-Sunday 8pm EST- Raid Training (under revision)

*More info on raid requirements can be found in the Guild's Pocketbook upon joining the guild.For More info on how to Join ZOM or any queries that you may have you can message me in Game- Ojay.2840 or leave a comment here.

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