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LF Guild on Desolation EU, PvX, achievement hunting, raiding, WvW


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Hey guys, my name is Dan, I've been a regular player since release and a GW1 vet, and looking for a guild on Desolation EU server. Unfortunately I've never been involved with a proper guild, mostly playing solo and in PUGs when required, so I'm looking for a friendly community interested in trying all aspects of the game!

I'm interested in achievement hunting, as well as trying raiding and WvW a little more also (Hard to do as a solo player!). I enjoy competitive play as well as casual community activity, though my current play hours are more on the casual side (around 10-15 hrs per week).

A little about me:Nationality - EnglishAge - 25Main character - Charr ThiefCurrently living in Canada temporarily.

To sum it up, I'm looking for a few new friends to join in exploring everything the game has to offer!Cheers!

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