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Already completed hearts reset (with no infinity loop under it)

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This HAS to be a bug right? ember bay and draconis mons heart were resetted with NO INFINITY LOOP under those hearts like daily heart reset.Also when i completed them i get map completion reward all over again. (Ive had 100% world completion of errting -Core/HoT/PoF/Side maps/WvW/JP)I reported the bug in game alrdy, but figured make a thread for frequency.

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I am VERY sure, b/c i have a habit of completing all map related achievements AFTER completing the map.

One example for SURE is Ember Bay heart beneath the map's first waypoint with rolling devils and nests, I remember clearing that heart when it USED to have infinity loops under it, but day ago i finished it with no loop under it.

Also had this issue with Draconis Mons, when i cleared the missing hearts I got a map completion reward (again! lol), but when i completed Ember Bay hearts from 92% to 100% with non-looped hearts, this time I DIDNT get a map completion reward again?

Seems to be a rare bug b/c I only found one reddit post of this issue.

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