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[EU][PvE][Logi] Rhetoric and Logic. Newly founded casual-hardcore raiding guild recruiting.


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Rhetoric and Logic [Logi]

Howdy, we're a group of (~10) coming from a casual PvX guild. We are now looking to get together frequently for fast kills, low mans, challenge modes, and all sorts of other challenging runs.

We're looking for like-minded, relaxed people who're seeking to get involved in the upper end of challenging group content. We seek the people who are getting bored of their weekly clears and want new goals to aim for.

While we will always have a focus on being more relaxed than other hardcore raiding guilds, this does not excuse us from using the correct strategies and composition.

It is expected that all of our members will look forward to keep up to date with the latest strategies and balance changes.

It is not required that you have previous knowledge of all of this to join, but it is required that you know all raid encounters in detail as a starting point and are obviously eager to learn new things and improve yourself as a raider.

Where to apply

More information can be found here on our application page.

Upon application approval, you will receive a guild invite and undergo a trial period where we validate your skills, gear, benchmarks and initiative to get involved with the guild and our raids.

If you've any questions, feel free to whisper/mail me in the game, Pikls.8710.

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