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POF Ultimate/Site Error

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Bought the POF Ultimate edition & gave me an error saying I was redirected too many times after confirming my purchase. I tried it again and gave me the same error so I cleared my cookies to see if it would work. The 3rd time it worked BUT I went and checked my bank payments and it said that the payment went through for the first making me pay 300$ CAD. So my question is, will they be able to refund me the other 2 payments and how long will it take for them to answer back and get this fixed for me?

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The CS Team will refund the overpayment, if you have contacted them via a Support Ticket (accessed through the 'Support' link above/below).Path of Fire will 'activate' once you enter the Serial Key in the appropriate field in 'My Account' (link below). It may take a few hours for the email containing the Serial Key to arrive. Make sure to only use one key, of course.

Good luck.

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