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A Casual PoF Difficulty Guide (Minor Spoilers)


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A quick rating from a casual's (and me just being bad) perspective on what kind of difficulty you may face in each PoF story instance. Very minor spoilers ahead. Rated 1 to 5.1 = Auto-Attack Easy, 3 = Fair Challenge, 5 = Stupidly Hard/Annoying

ACT 1Sparking the Flame = 2 : A simple intro mission with a boss that largely ignores you and is fairly easy to dodge.Blazing a Trail = 1 : A few short instances with some player choice involved. I chose Neutral. Overall there is little fighting and mostly just talking.Night of Fires = 4 : A fairly long mission that includes a semi-stealth element but I found that you can kill the sentries very easily so they aren't much of an issue. The large Forged boss fight was challenging for me in that there were a ton of adds throughout the entire fight that all can pack a punch. There is another short "boss" fight at the very end but like in Sparking the Flame, the boss mostly ignores you and then runs away.The Sacrifice = 4 : Not too long of an instance with a boss fight at the end. The boss can do a lot of damage and easily kill you if you don't pay attention to the skills and mechanics being used against you.

ACT 2Crystalline Memories = 3 : Normal fights and gathering up until the boss fight. The boss itself didn't seem to hit very hard but there was so much crap on the screen it was hard for me to see what I needed to do. Also the special skill provided didn't work a lot of the time which prolonged the fight.Hallowed Ground = 2 : A series of minor bosses. Some can hit fairly hard but none are overly dangerous.Facing the Truth = 1 : There is very little combat here. The only difficulty is doing the puzzle/jumping bit fast enough for the achievements.The Way Forward = 1 : Little combat and lots of talking.

ACT 3The Departing = 5 : I struggled to rate this instance. I think people will either find it extremely irritating or they'll just breeze through it without thinking twice. I found the story here to be fantastic but the final boss fight was very frustrating for me. Bar breaking is required and you have precious little time to break them before the boss heals to full health over and over and over and over.Enemy of My Enemy = 3 : Three instances in all. None of the fights are difficult but some people might have trouble with some of the special mechanics involved.Beasts of War = 4 : This instance is a lot of fun but you really need to be prepared for lots of dodging. Things get very hectic at the end. I gave it a 4 but it's a high 4.[FINAL INSTANCE, Name Redacted = 4 : This is pretty much part of the previous instance as it starts immediately afterwards but it has a different name so I split it up here. It's just a boss fight with damage circles (and other shapes)...everywhere. It's fun though! Again, I gave it a 4 but it's way more of a 4 than other 4s (I didn't want to give something fun a 5).

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