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Tyra Champions [TC] EU


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Hello Tyria!Are you feeling lonely in this game? And feel the need to hangout with good, none toxic players? Are you having troubles with raid bosses? getting kicked out or just not killing anything, which can make you frustrated and get a feeling of a total time waste! or you just want to learn a few bosses and try out raids? But want to learn them in a friendly environment?Then again, maybe you just feel like playing around and exploring Tyria, doing a few dungeons, fractals,events?

Well [TC] may be the guild for you, we can provide you with a massive community of over 400 members! We have our own discord channel which is well made and updated frequently and yes we have people there that hang out in the voice chat! Everyday is a raid day for us with no time schedules,we have very active commanders so often there are shout outs in the guild chat, or just shout out yourself! But we still offer every Sunday at 20:00 GMT a raid training, which everyone can join :)

Some other interests:We offer a friendly environment in overall, which you can enjoy and chill out.We have no representation rule.Giggle and laughs may kill you! (not kidding)Unfortunately WvW is our weak end, since we are just too spread across the servers. :(We are a fine mix of experienced and new players. (Veterans and rabbits alike)As for sPvP we do have a couple of players that enjoy it. :)Guild Mission are not in our schedule we just do them whenever we remember. xDDon't be scared of our numbers, we really don't bite! :) <3For training raids we don't require you to have full ascended gear, exotics do fine :)Last but not least, we have the 8th wonder of Tyria, but no spoilers here!

Also check out our Instagram ===> https://www.instagram.com/tyra_champions_/

And our Discord page! ===> https://discord.gg/xrMkRqh ]

Contact one of our members if you are interested in joining us!inch.3769Dennis.1405Luna Via.7598iowon.8640Sunshine.9528mistig.5034yazzoo.3972ImNotAna.7650

There is no harm in giving us a shot! :) <3

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