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[NA/EU] [PvE/WvW] Division of the Lost Recruitment


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Division of the Lost

We are the Division of the Lost. We are a small Guild looking to recruit new members. Our guild may be somewhat new to Guild Wars 2, but we have experience across all MMO’s.

Whether you are a hardened veteran, or a newcomer, we welcome all. We currently inhabit Devona’s Rest. Whether looking for a Starter Guild, or a permanent home, we will provide!


  • Newcomer support
  • Friendly Atmosphere
  • Weekly WvW Excursions
  • Weekly Dungeons/Raids/Fractals

We run dungeon excursions every week (Sundays, Wednesday, and Saturdays at 5PM EST). Each day is a different Dungeon!


  • Must be Friendly (No Hostility Welcomed)
  • Must be active
  • Non-Toxic (We don’t like a lot of salt at this diner)

Unfortunately we primarily speak english, however we still welcome all!

Expectations (We only have 1)

  • Able to Participate in Weekly Events (WvW/Dungeons/Raids/Fractals)

We don’t require that you represent us, but it sure is nice.

If you decide to make The Lost your permanent home, we have many benefits for our regular players. We have special ranks for them, and maybe even a spot as a raid commander, or other admin roles.

If you’re interested in joining our ranks you can:

  1. Comment on this page
  2. Whisper to us (If online)
  3. Send mail

Admins to Contact:

LBoone.1205 - LeaderKimvroth.9762 - AdminVoid.9385 - AdminEvoricTheSquire.3560 - Admin

Thanks for checking us out! We hope you consider adventuring with the Lost.

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