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Hardcore Casual player LF Guild (EU)


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Hi Everyone

As the title suggests I am a hardcore casual player, meaning that I am much more of an explorer than an efficient

player (kind of). I try to sample a little of everything in the game but really, I am not that good. I am very

active both it terms of playtime and talking and want to get involved in the adventures of my mateys. In terms of

game modes I do a little WvW roaming (Piken), a little PvP (I am terrible though) and I am a bit of a fractal

newbie (on account of not having people to play with). I have only done a TINY bit of raiding for obvious reasons.

I can comm a few metas and I am very active in helping new players (I spend 1-3 hours per day mentoring in new

areas). I do not have a microphone but I am happy to listen to guildies on VOIP if needed.

What I am specifically looking for is this:

  1. A guild that doesn't tell me what class or spec to play.
  2. A guild that allows me to speak my mind (free speech is everything and I am a chatterbox).
  3. A guild that is more than just "guild missions on x day".
  4. A guild interested in actually making friends.
  5. A guild with adults.

Waht I am specifically looking to give is this:

  1. A LOT of interaction with bad jokes and sarcasm.
  2. A willingness to always be helpful to guildies and join them on their adventures.
  3. Friendship.
  4. Loyalty

If this sounds like a good deal, please let me know.


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