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After playing for more than 6 years and seeing the game come from ambitious ideas to cookie cutter MMO i have decided to make a list of things that would improve the general feeling of the game, to steer away from the normal MMO drag and actually make it a new and fresh world to go on an adventure.

Story dialog

Every time I play the story arc's it bores me, it's ether wait for the interview (which can be skipped) or wait for NPC's to stop jabbering so I can actually continue the story.I would not mind the story on itself if the dialogs are interesting to listen to but no, I have heard better voice acting from kids who barely talk then GW2 currently has.However, in PoF the dialog took a leap in quality, they get more interesting and I actually want to listen to what they have to say.But it's still not enough, I think some better interaction is needed.

  • At any time, when you can talk you must have control over how you respond, not every hero is nice and not every character talk without sarcasm.
  • What you say in a dialog should also be a choice, the time of text choices is old and not from this time, interacting your choice while talking is what enriches the story and keeps it whole.

This would improve control over any and all interaction, may it be story or small talk, being able to choose your character's behaviour ads allot.

Personal adventures

In GW2 all we have are hearts and dynamic events, no what I think about them is another story but what it does is lacking.They just sit there doing nothing, hearts are there but ones completed you depend on DE's which are not really much.What I like to suggest are adventures, or rather, adventures that adds tasks you can do.They can be anything, from getting a toolbox back for an asura to solving a murder in a castle.

  • Beside hearts there are NPC's (non-player character) that have a task for you, each of them has a small story to tell.
  • Small tasks only take about 10 minutes tops, they are really easy and are all personal problems.
  • Big tasks can have up to 10 arc's, they have their own story and can have a bigger effect.
  • Some tasks have their own instances, it can be a cave you have to clear or unique NPC's you need to vanquish but it's done this way so other plays are not bothered and others can not bother you.

This adds to the world to improve the global lore and breath's life in the game.

Character's voice

One thing that has bothered me since launch is the part that we will always have the same voice, regardless of age, it will always a voice of some young adult.I think that it would already be a leap forward if we could change the pitch and tone of our voice, this would further customize our character to a more personal level.

  • The basic voice will be in the middle of the slider
  • In order to prevent a hollow/double sound effect, a filter is added to keep it levelled

Everyone has a character that "should" sound differently, this will add more depth in each character.

Personal music

The playlist system we have is a nice bonus but it lacks in so many levels, all it does is replacing the music we normally hear in a general way but I think it can be done a step further.What if we could customize music for each area/zone, make it even more personal so each place is a new experience.

  • Each area/zone can have their own music, categorized in ambient and battle mode.
  • When no music is assigned, the default music plays
  • You can change default music, town music can be changed with the addition of having crafting music. (some people would appreciate that)

We all want our own music, being able to change it in your way adds something personal.

Crafting a better path

Personally, I think crafting is more a drag then anything, it feels dead and the further you go the less fun it becomes, the worst part is that you're just standing there doing nothing.It's boring, doesn't really add to the game and with how Anet threats it, way to forced.I think a new system is needed, not just in its working but also in its animation.

  • Crafting materials are used in a more logical way, you don't need materials that would make no sense. (so, making a fully steel armour doesn't need any clothing)
  • You can freely experiment with any material but the result could be too difficult for your mastery, the recipe is still unlocked.
  • Crafting professions are account wide, this is to support players with multiple characters.
  • When crafting something, your character interacts and you can see him/her crafting something.
  • Armours are always crafted as normal, you can improve the rarity by adding an insignia of the given rarity. (you need the armour as material too)

I would like to see crafting to be fun but not make it to easy, ppl should be able to make anything easily in a basic sense but improving that basic sense requires a better crafter.

That's all I can come up with, I hope it's clear enough for ppl to understand.

PS. is it knows that bold text doesn't work?

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