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My choyas are missing the party.

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If there's not going to be a downed state, when you kill somebody, you should get your finisher to automatically work. Including in weeks like this one where it's a one-off event. I only JUST bought those choyas.

It'd be less fun than stomping regardless, and would feel almost random which tick kills the player. File this point under Reasons I Do Not Think the Downed Mechanic Will Go Away or Should Go Away Permanently. I'd be mightily irritated at having spent gems on finishers if the downed state is removed.

(Personally, I like the downed mechanic for roaming and small skirmish fights. It makes skillful play more complicated. I rarely have the patience for zerging so I'm both less interested and less knowledgeable about how it would affect things there, though I've seen the arguments both ways at this point.)

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