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no Down State is not good for some class.


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basically, i try all my classes, but the light class is painful, because some invisible classes kill it immediately which has few defense. But heavy class and thief, and Mesmer has higher survive rate on it. finally, i change to use my warrior instead of my Necromancer (Necromancer is fastest one to take Camp, but right now everyone stand on Camp to wait to kill, it is very hard to take). Mesmer is take time to find the real one, with the down state, too many clones and real on invisible, you have no time to keep track on it ---for Necromancer. in other word, no Down state is give up Necromancer.for the No Down state, 60 % is heavy class, 20% is Mesmer and 15% is thief, other class is 5% for my 10 hours play. with no down state, it seems less player on our world to play WvW. so I get my WvW Skirmish Claim Tickets very fast. thank you for the No down state, it save my times for WvW Skirmish Claim Tickets this week. :)

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