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Brand New Guild, The Limit Of Advance [LOA] looking for New and returning players

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The Limit Of Advance is a brand new guild looking for New and returning players to learn and explore with in both old areas and new.

We currently do not have any schedule for raiding, fractals, pvp, etc. I do plan to implement one upon recruiting enough players to fill the roles, though.

I, the guild leader, have recently returned to GW2, about 3 weeks ago, and have been loving learning of all of the new content and the old that I had not yet explored. I'm specifically looking for new and returning players so that we can all share the excitement of discovering all of the intricacies that we missed out on together. Do not fret, though. Although I've just recently returned, I have a good core understanding of the higher level areas, and specifically have an in depth understanding of the bosses and map completion within the PoF areas. So if that is something you'd like help with, I can provide that.

Beyond that, I'm looking for people to advance through fractals with, attempt raids, queue sPvP, run small and large zergs in WvW, and everything in between.

If you're an experienced players that is not just returning, that is fine just as well. With all of the inexperienced bound to roll in, we may be in need of a little experience here and there.

If you're interested, feel free to respond here or message me in game at Sarraed (character name) or Jigglehjello.4725. Thanks in advance, for your interest, and I'm excited to meet you all.

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Further Information:

We are located in the Crystal Desert server, and have not spoken of any transfer.We do have a guild Discord channel set up, with the link provided in the Message of The Day.Although this is obviously a GW2 guild, we do play other games such as EFT, HoTS, R6S, PUBG, Hunt: Showdown, etc.We're a very small guild, and I have no intention of become an extremely large guild. Although we are growing, and would like to get a larger population, a less abundant guild size is preferable.Once we reach a satisfactory guild population, I intend to implement a schedule for weekly raiding, fractals, sPvP, WvW, etc. These will not be required of guild members, but encouraged and appreciated for both the advancement of the guild, and the society within.There really are currently no rules except to be respectful of one another, and preferably to be a value to the guild in some way shape or form.

Thanks again,Sarraed

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