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44 yr old player from the Netherlands looking for a GW2 family (casual, PVE, Fractals, WvW, BT)


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Hi there,

I'm Mike, a 44 yr old gamer from the Netherlands and I am looking for a guild. Been playing MMO's ever sinds Ultima Online (and even MUDs before that) so I have some experience. I am not a hardcore GW2 player (not interested in being hardcore although I do play a couple of hours a day). I like doing anything (hunting achievements, PvE, Fractals and exploration) but I do not enjoy PvP (although I've started doing some WvW and I like what I've seen so far!). I have no experience with Raids. I've been playing GW2 on and off for over 4 years.

I mostly play with friends (and mainly with my girlfriend) but they are more casual and are not so much interested in joining a guild. However, if I find a nice guild, I'm sure I can convince them to join at some point. :)

Since I am a bit older I would really enjoy being in a guild has a solid core of older players as well. Preferably aged 25+. I am especially looking for a friendly family-like guild that actively does stuff together and love being part of a close knit community. I am in a few guilds atm but all of those lack that element. I am not looking for a guild with 100's of players. A smaller, but active, guild would be much more preferable.

If you think your guild fits the bill, please send me a message here of contact me in game. My name is FreakFire.3904.

Thanks! :)

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