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[WvW][GvG][Discord] The Dragon Core [DC] International [NA] guild is Looking for more

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We are looking for anyone anywhere around the world in all time zones of all classes, levels and game play to join the ranks of The Dragon Core [DC].

We are looking for WvW/GvG/PvP players interested in building strong WvW/GvG/PvP teams for around the clock WvW coverage support.

I am also looking for the following belowOne Co-Guild Leader to be in charge for SEAOne Co-Guild Leader to be in charge for OCXOne Co-Guild Leader to be in charge for NA

Commanders - They must have commander tags or can get one and able to lead 10 or more squad members while tagged up. We still need this for both PvE and WvW

Officers - These will assist the Guild Leader and Co-Guild Leader running the guild for both PvE and WvW.

Join us using website: https://www.dragoncore.net

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