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Need help on linking Guild Wars 1 account

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Hello there! I hope i am posting in the right section of the forum!

I am playing Guild Wars 2 (got Hot and PoF too) for a long time now and today i think that it will be cool to link my Guild Wars 1 account to get the rewards.

The problem is that i cant remember almost anything from those old days. I bought the game day 1 (also bought the Factions) and i played it for not to much time to be honest.I am pretty sure that i remember the e-mail i use for it and i can login to it and read mails. (Maybe even the e-mail i am thinking is not the right mail)

I have the game boxes here. Inside Guild Wars box there is:Book I: The Lore of Guild WarsBook II: The ChallengeA page with the keyboard Commands2 discs

Inside Factions there are:A Manuscripts bookA page with the keyboard CommandsAnd it supposed to be a Game Card to scratch and the key for Factions which i cant find it.2 discs

My questions:Where is the Serial Code of original GW game? I cant find it in any of the books. Was there a card like Factions?Any idea on how can i retrieve my account with only those?

PS: I am not sure about Character Name. I have two names in my mind but cant be sure for them xDI have no possibility to retrieve it ah?

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Idk much about it, but i suggest sending a support tickets (if thats a thing for gw1) giving as much info as possible (even if you aint 100% sure about it). If they will be able to help you, they will most likely ask more personal information, which you might know.Thats all i can suggest sadly, best of luck to you!

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