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Power Chrono on T4's and Raids


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Hey guys! I currently have a fully geared Condi Zerker (Either DPS or Bannerslave) and ive been doing T3s and Raids with him good enough. But with T4 comming and ppl saying that Condi is bad on Fractals i have a question:

1) Is Power Chrono DPS viable on T4 Fracs and Raids?2) Is Power Chrono DPS desired on T4 and Raids as a DPS option? or will I be givin low priority for other DPS options?3) For more expert players: Should i keep Condi Zerker, or turn him into a Power SB or focus on Power DPS Chrono? Warrior is fun to play but to me Chrono is KING

Any other advice will be appreciated

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