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[TC | NA] LF Active Late Night EST/Weekend Guild


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Greetings! I am a returning player, coming back after 3 years (left at the beginning of HoT). A few friends wanted to check out the game again, so here I am. I've enjoyed myself thus far so wanted to find like-minded people to play with!

I am looking for:

  • Friendly, Active PvE guild that casually dabbles in Fractals, Dungeons, Open World Events, & Raids ( FFXIV is my main game, not GW2, so don't want anything too hardcore)
  • Active during Late Night EST OR Weekend hours (I typically play from 12am EST & on during weekdays; 8pm EST & on during weekends)
  • Guild that uses Discord; I won't be using Mumble, TS3, or Vent.

I have a Ranger (80), Engineer (80), & Thief (80). I mainly play healer or support roles in MMOs, so trying to pick out a class to heal/support on -- I like druid for healing but don't like any of the Ranger dps specs atm. Currently loving Thief P/P & Rifle Deadeye for DPS, but from what I understand it's not Meta. So, also looking for helpful long-time veterans who can point me in the right direction for a healer/support spec.

Thanks! Reply here or sent me a PM!

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