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Lysander the Younger


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I started playing gw2 since beta every time i create a new toon i run around maps to unlock WPs and i always have a question about this norn kid he always run around never get tired what is the story about this norn kid i also checked i did find out this that Lysander was a Spartan and Cyrus the Younger was a Persian so it seems that one of Devs have some affection to old history here from the old history about the name given to the kid.

Cyrus the younger and Lysander

When Cyrus the younger was posted to Western Asia Minor by his father the Persia king Darius II he became close friends with the spartan Navarch Lysander. So much so that due to their friendship Cyrus far more than the satraps of tissaphernes and pharnabarzos gave almost limitless funding to help the spartan course in the War with Athens. When Cyrus was recalled to the imperial court he trusted Lysander with his money and authority, such was their friendship. Why then when Cyrus requested aid from Sparta in his civil war against the new king Artaxerxes II.

Cyrus was the favourite of his mother, who hoped to secure the succession for him instead of her eldest son, Arsaces. When Darius decided to continue the war against Athens and give support to the Spartans, Parysatis persuaded him to appoint the young Cyrus as satrap (governor) of Lydia, Phrygia, and Cappadocia and commander in chief of the Achaemenian forces in Asia Minor (407). Cyrus’ friendly alliance with Lysander, the commander of the Spartan fleet, assured Sparta of victory.

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