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(EU) looking for a small friendly pvp guild.


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Hi I have been playing since 1 week early access pvp mainly and wvw high level in first few years. Last few years I play only pvp. Been mostly in a small close nit guild since launch but due to me wanting more from pvp and rest more focus on all aspects of game I can not get to the level I wish. I play close to every day but due to being a family man I never applyed for the build pvp guilds in esl days as can't travel, or always play at set times. I main thf. I have 2 thfs, first (Uzumi) and 2nd (Best thf EU) . I also play necro grd and war to a high level. I really want to put more into pvp and have a set group for AT, DUOS, duels and meta building. Looking for a guild with voice coms for talk around pvp and build ideas as well as other things. Please let me know if you are looking for someone like me. The poeple or guild don't need to be the best in the world just pvp focus players like me who want to grow into more. It's a shame pvp guilds died since esl's death but I would really like to help one grow to the level when the guild tag alown is enough to get everyone's respect. And shows you know what you are doing. Send me a message in game, don't do /w as always on off line due to ego trolls on my ego troll thf name :)

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