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[NA] Returning Player LFG - WvW/PvX


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Howdy all!

Looking to get back into GW2 after being gone since just before HoT dropped. I've been leveling a Guardian to relearn the game and mechanics and such for the past couple of days. I also have a level 80 warrior and ranger. I previously played my warrior in WvW and enjoyed it a bunch. Played Hammer & Sword/Horn as a front line support/CC build.

Looking for a guild that uses Discord or TS to do WvW and other guild events. I remember in my previous guild we did guild WvW training and there were folks to help out with build advice and stuff like that - so bonus if there are people available who can help with that.

Currently on the Dragonbrand server but can jump to any non-full server if needed.


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