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[EU][PvX] experienced player but new to GW2

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I am new to GW2, started playing mid June and I've got my Mesmer somewhere around lvl 35 at the moment.

I'm currently enjoying following the main quest story, exploring the maps and leveling. Even though I'm currently focusing on reaching lvl 80, I'm planning on learning all the bits and details of the end game content soon enough. I'm willing to learn and put the hours in, if it means it'll make the game more enjoyable!

I'm looking for like-minded people, I'm in my early 30s, GMT+2, fluent in English (mostly). I prefer action gameplay to crafting and I've enjoyed both PvP and PvE raids in the past so I'm willing to try everything and see how far we can go. I've played FFXIV for years and tried my share of online games in the past (Overwatch, Aion, Destiny, GW, WoW etc)

I wouldn't mind any kind of company, either a guild, a group or just another player to play with.Discord/ Teamspeak available during evenings


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