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[EU] - Frostbite Fan Club [Bite]


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Frostbite Fan Club [bite]

Frostbite Fan Club [bite] is a guild for all the people who know, who the real hero of Fractals of the Mist is.

Look a this beauty!

  • Our only rule is a mandatory representation while playing Fractals that feature Frostbite, prioritising Frostbite when reviving teammates is appreciated though.
  • We currently do not provide any activities, a guild hall or an active guild chat, but we won't mind if you want to use our guild chat, beside Frostbite praise, for finding players for something like your Fractals or Raid group.
  • This guild is suggested as a 2nd or 3rd guild, just to give you the opportunity to show your support and dedication to our favourite albino devourer and give you that that nice frosty feeling of community.

Currently everybody is welcome, just send an ingame mail to Henahax.1706 (please don't whisper me ingame).

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