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[NA][SoS][PvX, WvW] Returning Player lf Active Guild


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I used to play GW2 regularly about 2 years back. I've decided to give it another whirl with the new content that has been added, and would love to join another guild. GW2 is a game best enjoyed with others, and I'd love that kinda enjoyment back. I'm interested in most aspects of the game, from PvE to WvW and am willing to try structured PvP if the guild offers it, but wouldn't be heartbroken if it weren't popular. I have a level 80 of every class, and am willing to play whatever comps are necessary.

My timezone is EST, and I can usually play from 4 PM EST until 11 PM EST on week nights, usually longer or later in the summer/on weekends.

Feel free to contact me on the forums, whisper me in game (Sealskin.4923), or add me on Discord (Maybe#4321).

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