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Black Lion Chests & Gathering Nodes


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I'm one of the people who thought it was cool to get some improvements for the home instance. At around the time when most nodes were 50g and the most expensive were 300g, I bought most of them. Then came Iron and Flax and stayed for a few, but then someone decided to remove everything but 2 nodes for each BLC content change. What happened?

The price of the nodes skyrocketed. Up to the point where an Iron Ore Node sold for 6000 gold one day. Probably for completeness sake.

What replaced the nodes you ask? Skins. Skins that end up costing 25-40g (with good ones going up to 75g). Basically something you don't want to see drop from a BLC on a rare slot. They're practically as expensive as a gold ticket skin.

And now, someone really nice at the gw2 economy department decided to keep advanced nodes for a second (quite long) period instead of at the very least rotating into the much needed iron ore node (not available at all currently) and flaxseed node (2000g). How long do I need to wait before I can "finish" my home instance?

Further problems 1) I invite people to gather every day and some think of getting the nodes too, but is that really possible now? Unless you make legendaries for profit or farm something unbelievably boring for the sake of an overpriced thing that will never pay (even the old nodes could pay back in years), 2) people who bought the advanced nodes for investment now have an item that will take a year or more to become a inflation defying investment again (unless the nice people at anet decide to keep the nodes in for some stupid reason).

Can you, please, just bring the nodes back in the BLC.

--Sincerely, a completionist.

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