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[EU] Creating a guild!


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After joining couple of guilds and then being forced to leave because they die or grow too big, I've decided to create my own guild!I've met a guy with same goal as me and we've decided to make a guild that'll be close-knit family-like guild.

Here are some basic ideas:

-We won't grow too big, it's better to stay small-medium so everyone know each other. Basically a close-knit guild.-There'll be no absolute leader, instead we'd have a round table of 4(+) players with experience with either GW2 or leading.-We'll do dungeons, fractals, some PvP and eventually Raids and WvW when we come to that point.-Our plan is to have 30-50 members, maybe more if required.

With that said, We won't force anyone to play a certain class or build, or to play X amount of hours daily, but we will have a schedule for meetings, missions, raids and fractals.Of course, the days and times Will be decided depending on everyone's opinion (We'll do polls).

We're still not sure about the name of the guild, but that'll be decided soon enough!

So, if you're interested in joining feel free to reply here, contact me in game or on discord (fastest response) Kiporion#5988.

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