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Soulbeast roaming


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Hi guys!I read many posts and I didn't see anything about roaming with Soulbeast. Till now I was roaming with Power build, but I want to try a condi build too.This is my Condi Build, I didn't try it yet in W3, but I will soon:http://gw2skills.net/editor/?vNUQNAV4fnE8CNsgN8CusAUtgFOBLP1GbvtNDrKVAgJYd3ybn0q4nD-j1SAQBH4CA8Q1f+oyhxokrQaEMwDAIG7PEgDCAAOCAESXwkUCGAABYmzMZWmBzcmzcmzcmVmzcmzcmzcmzcmzsUAfuTD-wWhy these pets:Iboga for +200 condi damage and +100 precision, confusion, torment and what I love much is that 1200 pull on F2 every 20sJacaranda for +100 vitality and 25% healing bonus, but most for that 1200 roots on F2, healing and condi remove on F2 in beast mode and 4.3k heal and 3 sec resistance for group(I use these 2 pets for power build too)

Please share your build and say what do you have in mind to change on mine or what is wrong in your opinion.

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