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my ele wish list


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1.dragon's claw range is 400 wish it was 600 range2.drakes breath range is 400 wish it was 600 range and had a slow effect3.burning speed range is 600 with it had 900 range and increase radius from 240 to 360 radius4.ring of fire radius is 240 wish it was 360 it hits 5 targets wish it hit all targets with in the radius5.fire grab range is 300 wish it was 600 and wish it pull player to you

6.vapor blade range is 600 wish it was 900 and have a new condition causing freeze damage over time7.forzen burst radius 240 wish it was 360 wish it did alittle more damge8.frost aura reduce damage by 10 percent wish it was 25 percent bein it only last 4 seconds with a 30 second cool down9.cleansing wave need no change10.lightning whip has 300 range wish it had 400 range and hit 5 targets instead of 311.lightning touch range is 400 wish it was 400 range12.shocking aura needs no change13.ride the lightning needs no change14.updraft needs no change15.all earth attunements are ok no change needed16.flamewall remove it and give some thing new17.fire shield wish it gave protection for 4 seconds and reduced damage by 20 percent18.freezing gust remove it give some thing new19.comet radius is 180 wish it was 240 radius range is 900 wish it was 1200 range20.swirling winds need no change21.gale add damaging causing to it22.fireball add a burning condition damage to it23.lava font add burning condition to it24.flame burst needs no changeburning retreat needs no change25.meteor shower add slow effect to it26.water blastneeds no change27.needs no change28.geyser needs no change29.frozen ground needs no change

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