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Anet's definition of balanced matches


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I'm really enjoying going on 10+ winning streaks, and then going on streaks like this http://puu.sh/BmVUY/1f745319b3.jpg . its obviously a l2p issue. lmfao.

ranked should be using meta templates and templates of efficient builds (there are clearly superior and inferior choices for traits, runes and amulet, sigils, skills, and weapon sets, and only those options available. not only will this allow these "devs" to actually balance the game mode, but it would prevent "build testing" in ranked.

tbh im not concerned about the number of rating lost or gained, as there is ZERO reason to even q ranked unless u play pve (IRONIC). but the number of losses last night and this morning due to OBVIOUSLY sub par builds alone is ridiculous, and preventable.

do your jobs devs.

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