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Last Patch tooltips are all off


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Title says it all. Almost every ability that was altered in the last patch doesn't do what they say they do, or information is flat out missing.

I'm sure that others have noticed and there are already threads about it, but I haven't seen them.


  • Scorpion Wire is missing a cooldown indicator beyond the ammo count.
  • The Reaper trait that now has Quickness (I forget the name) says it grants Quickness whenever the Reaper hits with the last attack in the Reaper Shroud 1 chain, but it passively just grants it every 3 seconds.
  • Pretty much all of the numbers for the new Revenant Facet of Nature are all missing (no Life Siphon damage tooltip, no damage reduction tooltip, etc)

There's probably more but I can't think of them.

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