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Daily league participator does not progress, (the season is active)


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So the pvp league season thirteen is active now as of Aug. 28, yet the daily league participator achievement does not progress for me, it is stuck on 14/15. On the starting day of the season it was 14/15 and did not change even though I played more than 3(even 10) games each day.Am i missing something or is it bugged? What do I need to do...Thanks

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I'd like to know, too. When the 5v5 season was active, I was able to progress the previous Daily Participator achievement.  But with this active 2v2 season (Season 6), it won't budge. All of the other achievements that require active participation in ranked fights are working fine, but nothing works on this one, and I've been playing ~6 matches a day.

Edit - It seems some time after I reported the bug it was remedied, though I didn't get the full credit for days played.

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