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Anatomyy of Death [AoD] PVX Guild SOS WVW Recruiting now. Apply today!


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GoalWe are aiming to be among the top guilds/players in PVP & WVW. We will also be participating in PVE content.

IntroductionAnatomyy of Death is a competitive guild that focuses on every aspect of the game. Our main focus will be PVE but once big enough, we will be doing a lot of world vs world and PVP . We welcome anyone from any time zone as long as you speak clear English. We also have a guild Discord.Server:Sea of SorrowsContent:Player vs Player, World Vs World & Player Vs Environment.

This is a multigame guild but if you want to be just apart of Guild Wars you are allowed.

We need competitive PVP/WVW players for a team to play with.

Join our discord for more info:https://discord.gg/rH6zNjs

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