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[NA] Avocado Awesome {AvA} Up and coming guild looking for new sociable members.


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Avocado Awesome [AVA] is quickly become a well established guild within the GW2 community. We already hold a sizeable presence in Istan. Now we want to turn our attention to other community endeavors while providing a safe place for new and returning players to learn/relearn the game.
Below is a list of our core beliefs that we hold within the guild. These help define us and give us a sense of direction as we continue to grow. If you are interested, please leave a comment here or come and find us in game.

• Prefer people looking to make friendsMost of us within the guild are at least 18 years or older. With that said we all have a RL and more important obligations outside of GW2. Needless to say we all have busy lives. Adulting is hard. Making new friends while aduliting can be even harder. What's better than gaming with friends.• Females welcome!That may seem a given, but we want to make sure that we stress that we have members who are married with kids, and do not care what gender you are. We all know that internet can be a @#$@y place for women who want to game, so we try to provide a place that is safe, welcoming, and fosters good attitudes and growth as a player.• Must be willing to learn and teachGW2 is a pretty complicated game with a lot of integrated mechanics and systems. We want to provide a place not only for veteran players but for new joins too. We also want to help them grow into the game. This is one of the best MMORPGs on the market and it's been that way for a long while. We want new players to experience the joy and fun that we all have had. Remember, we were all "noobs" one time or another, pay it forward.

Here are some activities that we want to focus on more as we move forward.~ Fractals~ Raiding~ Guild days/nights (event tournaments and rewards, guild missions)~ Achievement runs~ WvW/PvP on the Henge of Denravi server~ World Event Trains

If you are looking for a new place to call your own or just want to socialize while you game, come check us out. Either get with me in game or respond to this thread as I will keep updating as we go. Thank you for your time and consideration and be well.

Your Friendly GW2 Player,Plague

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