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[EU][PvX][Aurora Glade] Mid level guild looking for new leaders and members


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Beautiful Tyrians [HOT] is a level 19 guild that started off originally as a casual guild where players could chill and call home. We started doing raids for both experienced and new players, pve events, helped new players with achievements etc. and pvp teams. The guild was growing and doing well. Our discord server was constantly busy.

However, time has passed and some players now have irl commitments that mean they're too busy to play anymore these days, while others have just lost interest in the game.

As a result, with the permission of the original guild leaders, I would like to try to rebuild the guild again.

The guild is looking for both players new to the game who want help or some people to play with, and regular active players who would like to take more of a leading role by organising events, tagging up, looking after the guild etc.

Personally, I’m also looking for WvW players (aurora glade server). We want to set up a small ppt focussed group to help new players to WvW learn the basics and to help others rank up (gotta get that legendary armor xD).

The guild can currently offer free karma, experience, wxp enhancements etc. but needs help to grow more.

I want to stress we are not a hardcore guild and would like to maintain a friendly and non-toxic environment.

Message me here or in game (reaker.2670) if you’re interested and we can discuss more. Many thanks.

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