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Tempest build for SPVP?


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I started getting into pvp with my new ele a few days ago (mainly to farm Tomes of Knowledge) and I'm looking for a Tempest build.I don't quite like the two attunement mechanic on Weaver and I was mainly interested in Tempest (e.g. Scepter/Warhorn) anyways.Is there any build that's playable atm? I'm like really bad at pvp since I started only a few days ago, so I'm playing unranked games.

Thanks in advance!

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Doubt much has changed. The have added some additional abilities to the auras. Doubt that changes the rest of the build much, just more abilities to use.

Although they don't suggest a tempest build in SPvP haha. I see what you mean.


This was an older build on the site that really shouldn't have changed much, and give you something to start with in SPvP if you are eager to run as a tempest.

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