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[NA] ANGL Raid Recruitment


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Hi guys, ANGL raids is a team of somewhere between casual to hardcore members. We are currently looking for 3 members, we prefer someone a little versatile and experienced, or want to become an excellent raider eventually and willing to work hard. Right now everything is in limbo as we find more people, but we are leaning towards a time of 6:30pm to 7:00pm PST starting and lasting two hours during the weekdays for two days. If you are at all interested, please whisper or mail TheDeafGuy.4519 or LucianTheAngelic.7054. Also, a little bit about us, 6 of us have been a tight knit group of friends for almost 3 years now and found each other through GW2. We are very friendly with a mixture of casual and hardcore elements to our gaming styles and we would love to expand our group even more.
Thanks for reading.

P.S We are in need of an excellent druid, (we are trying a one druid strat)

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