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texture issues with medium armor


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Ok this is bugging me for a long time now and it's gotten so bad that people think that its actually part of the game design when it's clearly not. We've all seen the complains about "medium armor is just a bunch of trenchcoats" and while this is actually not true it at least appears to be this way but to get to the point:

Textures which are supposed to be on the legwear are instead on the chestwear.

To illustrate the problem let me give you an example of how it's supposed to look like:


As you can see the result matches the preview pictures but now take a look at the medium version of the same armor set:


As you can see by the preview icons the belt and the leg protection are supposed to be part of the legwear but instead are added to the chestwear for some reason and the WvW armor isn't the only one with this problem. Almost every medium armor set has this issue of giving the chestwear stuff which actually belongs to the legwear. I hope you guys can fix this as this is the source of most complains about the medium armor sets.

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@"Inculpatus cedo.9234" said:I think that the icons just show what you would see on that part of the armor, to make them size-consistent. To show the actual chest armor, either the icon would need to be much bigger (which isn't possible), or the art would have to be much smaller, and difficult to see any detail whatsoever.But that's not the case for the actual trench coats and it wouldn't make any sense for a suit to have a belt without proper connection to the legwear. Also, some of the legwear seems to have dead dye channels (presumably reserved for these missing textures):


Light and heavy armor doesn't seem to have this problem as they all have a proper cut like the icons suggest (just look at the wardrobe).

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