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Suggestion for a Skritt Raid Boss


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You enter the boss arena.

Skritt is sleeping in the middle (it's morning)

To start the fight, you interact with the coffee cup thats on the edge of the arena.

Phase 1: 100%-66%

Skritt Starts talking towards the coffee. Skritt takes reduced damage. On other side of arena you have a BIG golden weapon. Person who picks up the golden weapon becomes fixated, get's a special action skill called Taunt and a stacking condition called fatigue (because weapon is huge, fatigue would cause slower movement speed and lower damage the more stacks you have). This condition would be similar to SH fight. Using Taunt makes skritt temporarily forget about the coffee and go for the golden weapon (because skritt love shinies). When taunted, skritt would get speed boost and he would take normal damage, not reduced. When he would reach the person holding the sword he would stun the person, take the weapon and do a massive damaging aoe attack with it. Because shiny weapon is big, and skritt are clumsy, he would drop it upon usage and start going towards the coffee again. 2nd tank would then pick up the golden weapon because 1st tank is still fatigued. Skritt would attack with aoe melee while walking, swinging erraticaly with arms holding broken bottle inflicting lots of damage, bleed and poison (who knows what was in the bottle) to foes in areas of attack.

Phase 2: 66%-33%

Skritt would be in a caffeine withdrawl. He forgets about the shiny and gets fixated on random player (like sloth fight). He get's a ranged attack throwing things around, gets a leap attack where he jumps on the fixated player and starts attacking with pound attack (like samarog during cc phase) and retains his melee from phase one.

Phase 3: 33%-0%

In this phase, he would just go full blown mental. He would take very reduced damage. Tanking mechanic would be similar to phase 1, but this time you need to pick up his coffee that he so desires. Person holding his coffee mug would be tanking and he would get a special action skill called Sip. Using the special action button would annoy skritt for sipping his coffee making him leap on to the tank. When tank uses Sip, several things happen, skritt would leap on the tank (otherwise he would be walking) knocking him down. Tank and skritt would take increased damage (skritt would take normal damage+extra) and skritt would attack faster. This would last a short duration, like 5 seconds. But because player characters are mere mortals and cant take a lot of skritt coffee, Sip has a very long cooldown , so tank would have to give the mug to another player making them the tank. this would put several players into the tank role, not just the usual chrono (or 2 in case of SH)

In phase three he still has melee aoe attack from phase 1 and ranged attack from phase 2. Because of his ranged attack starting in phase 2, place where tank would be standing while he get’s attacked by his ranged attack (he’s throwing bottles) get’s covered in broken blass inflicting damage, poison, bleeding, vulnerability and weakness.

What do you guys think?

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