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Create a "Run the gauntlet" tournement.


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This would have to be done by a few guilds most likely or perhaps a really big one that pvp's.Setup:Get 5 really good pvp/wvw players from each elite spec class.These guys are our champions.You announce the challenge to all players .

Each entrant puts in 5 gold.Each entrant must field a base spec class.They fight UP TO 5 of your champions in the same class as they are.If they lose they are done.The pot is given to the person who won the most matches.If there are multiple 5 person wins then the pot is split.

Keep statisticsWhat base class seemed to get the most wins in percentage.What percent won 0 matches, 1 match etc?

This would be both fun and VERY telling on how balanced or imbalanced the class designs are.

My prediction is that the elite spec classes would dominate and there would be no 5 win challengers.

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