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Returning player looking for Casual/Semi-Hardcore guild. PvE/PvP/pvX Tarnished Coast(But can swap)


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I just returned and I'm picking up things pretty fast, that being said, I'm still learning and I have a highly busy schedule. I work 2 jobs and I'm attending NWU(university) but all of my other free time goes to GW2. I am looking for a guild that I can do high level content with but also do casual/relaxing activities with. IE: Guild Treks, World bosses. I have anxiety so I would prefer a smaller guild that is tight-knit rather than just a large amalgamation of random players. I would expect to be treated with respect as I treat you with respect. Just looking for a group I can call friends as I just moved states as well. I can use Discord as well. Just message me in game @Ragke Silverbroad :) Thanks!

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