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Kudos. What Else Can I say?


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I know people are unhappy with various aspects of the PoF release.Personally I think ANET took into account various concerns from Hot and have laid out a nice release.

  1. Maps are generally easy to get around. I was skeptical during testing but nothing has been "hard" to get to.
  2. I have not run into or heard of any time gated issues
  3. Maps are pretty large and very appealing
  4. Skeptical again about introducing mounts but I think this was a well thought out way to introduce. EVERYONE can get the same mounts.
  5. HPs can be solo'd (so far anyway)I have decided to take each map one at a time. Complete it and the story-line before moving ahead. Unlike HoT where I jumped around i want to enjoy each map and get an understanding on my own and figure out as much as I can without any help.No matter the MMO there are always latency issues, random DCs, fixes for various reasons and we all live through it.So let's give ANET a round of applause because they have had less sleep than most people this last few days....
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